Tracing its history back to before the Anglo Saxon invasions Wednesbury, located close to Walsall, has had an interesting history. The first recorded mention of Wednesbury is in actual fact prior to th Domesday Book and it is referred to as Wodnesbyri by the time it was recorded in the Domesday Book the spelling had evolved into Wadnesberie. Recent history recalls how much of a contribution Wednesbury made to the Industrial Revolution and yet up until the 14th century this was very much an agricultural area, although coal had been discovered around this time and was bring worked to fire the furnaces for a small cottage industry – nail making. The first tentative step towards the industrial heritage on which Wednesbury was to build its wealth.
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The arrival of the canals in 1769 and later the railways saw a rapid growth in population in the area as more workers were employed in the growing industries. Through the 20th century Wednesbury saw its fortunes change for the worse, from one of the more industrial regions with high levels of employment to an area where many factories and workshops were closed as the traditional heavy industries left the area. Today though Wednesbury is taking up the challenge to improve itself with plans to make this once again a thriving and vibrant location.
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Wednesbury Museum and Art Gallery is a good place to visit. This combination museum and art gallery showcases 19th-century art featuring a fine collection of Ruskin pottery, which was named after the late Victorian write and historian John Ruskin.
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There are plenty of bars and restaurants in Wednesbury. If you love Indian food then this is the place to be.