Telford, named after Thomas Telford the renowned civil engineer, Telford's gleaming buildings and hi tech businesses mark it out as a town for the future. One of the UK's fastest growing and most successful new towns - it contrasts with its historic neighbour Ironbridge the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.
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At Telford’s heart, surrounded by tall glossy buildings, is the biggest and best shopping centre in all of Shopaholic Shropshire. Open seven days a week, with parking for over 4000 cars all geared up for a great day out.Shropshire's shops are many and varied, with shops that other places let go of years ago. We advise you to padlock the piggy bank, cancel the credit cards and sew up your  purse  before you let temptation rip.
There are numerous small speciality shops stoked to the gunnels and bursting with delights. Old fashioned ironmongers who sell everything. Traditional sweet shops too - remember Gobstoppers, Pear Drops and Nut Brittle? Your dentist may never forgive you.
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Even the "Malls" offer a different experience. Take the Parade in Shrewsbury; over 30 individual shops and not a high street name in sight. There are highly skilled fashion designers making unique creations. Impress your friends with the latest new designer label.
Shopping in Shropshire can be a cultural experience too. There are art galleries and craft shops where more local talent show their wares and you can discover the next Hockney, Moore or Claris Cliffe before they become as famous (or as expensive).
If you want some fresh air try one of Shropshire's street markets. There's one in virtually every town and others have farmers markets and regular arts and craft fairs too.
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You can find plenty to do in the town on an evening including restaurants, comedy clubs, bars and night clubs to party away into the small hours.